Lucia is an extraordinary artist of these turbulent times. She writes, sings and plays music that embraces the difficulties and speaks of the issues, while soothing us so we can keep faith and courage. What a blessing is this music! We need you Lucia, so set sail with your music. We are on board."

~Rhiannon. Improviser, performer, master teacher, Hawaii

I have taken voice lessons with a variety of voice coaches, primarily in opera, and I have to say, Lucia was a better fit for me as a teacher than other voice teachers I’ve had in the past! She effortlessly helped me improve my vocal range with her techniques, got me to resonate sound in different parts of my face, and helped me be better acquainted how I can improve my sound production. She’s great at accompanying on piano, has a fabulous taste in music and has a very intuitive way of teaching. I truly feel like I’m on a natural high every time I take a class with this woman. Lucia deserves a Galaxy of Stars. Amazing teacher, I am so grateful for how much I have come along in her 7 week program. I Highly recommend her!
— Kendra T. (Reclaim Your Voice student)


I have tried various energy workers before with good results, however Lucia's Sound Healing session is even more powerful and effective. I felt like I entered a trance like state from listening to the sound of her voice and the beautiful instruments she played. I could feel myself releasing old unwanted energy and replacing it with new supportive energy. Every cell of my body was vibrating in response to this sacred ceremony of self-care and nourishment for the soul. I felt transformed at the end of the session, like I could better manage the world around me and show up to the rest of the day / week as the best version of myself. For me, I could see this being a regular part of my self-care routine. Lucia is extremely talented and I feel very blessed to have met her.

~Sarah Hawthorne. My Balance & Wellness, Mill Valley.

Lucia holds incredible space and presence. Her voice and the magic she weaves within a group is tangible on every level. Her ability to create a strong container and effortlessly transition the energy of a group is remarkable. She is a delight to work with, a powerful, creative woman embodied in her offerings.
— Ashley Apple. Juicy living. Berkeley.


“The most magical musical experience I’ve ever had. Hands down. It was epic! A multi-layered journey of exquisite instruments and vocals, helping me journey into myself. Lucia is a gem. Work with her!”



~Majo Molfino. Heroine podcast host, Mill Valley.





Lucia seriously has the voice of an angel, and the most calming energy. I was lucky enough to attend her sound healing through a friend of a friend, and now I seek out her events. Such a powerful, beautiful experience with Lucia. She seems to be able to play any instrument around with beauty and ease. I felt my body calm down in a way that sent me into a dream like state during her sound healing. I was able to turn off my conscious mind and truly be at peace. She also performed during my favorite Bhakti class recently. Sometimes I forgot she was there in person, as she flowed so perfectly with the class, it was as though the teacher had hand picked every single song. Highly recommend Lucia for her performances, sound healing, & yoga classes!
— Madeline Ross. Marketing Director at Good Earth, Mill Valley.

"Vessel is a true album. As in it's a contiguous experience that I really enjoy listening to in its entirety. I love the individual tracks but there is a steady flow to this piece of art. Lucia's voice is beautiful and full of emotion. You can tell the richness of the mood of the album is created through life experience and wisdom. Lucia is a true artist. Block some time and allow yourself to be taken on this watery, feminine journey."


~Dijon. Souls of San Francisco, Indigo Keys, Venice.

Lucia is really patient and intelligent regarding how she teaches each of her students. As a beginner, I am grateful to have studied with her- she ensured I learned many tips and tools that I will keep building on! She relates so well and embodies the experience she wants her students to have. You will be glad to study with her, and your singing will become more beautiful and you’ll be more confident as you use your voice!
— Elizabeth K. (Reclaim Your Voice student)

"An excrutiatingly beautiful recording. It captures the balance of pathos and beauty in 15 songs, creating a world that is difficult to leave. Simply and elegantly produced. A seamless vision and a lovely compelling voice."

~Jeffrey Wood. Fantasy Studios, Oakland.

I met Lucia at Harmonia a few years back. She was opening for a sound healing event that I co-facilitated. When I first heard her voices I felt heavens gate open up and the angels pour out. Her voice just melts the heart.
A month ago she offered me a sound healing. I have been doing sound healing for over 10 years so it was refreshing to be on the other side of the healing. I felt like I was going to sink into the earth. It was a magical experience. I was transported to a different plane of existence. Lucia has the gift of music..and healing....What a blessing and a gift she is...
i look forward to experience her group sessions..
— Vlad Cardemas. Sound Healer, San Anselmo.